Meet Sri, Marriage Coach For Women

Hi I’m Sri - For the past ten years, I've been a Marriage and Relationship Coach for Women and it’s been my mission to serve women on the receiving end of infidelity to save their marriages and create true healing on the inside - all using two secret ingredients: Understanding Male Psychology and Deep Emotional Healing from the trauma of infidelity.  

Understanding Men and their Psychology.
When you can understand why men disappear just when things are going great, why it seems as if they only want one thing, why they are emotionally unavailable – you literally have the ability to shape the relationship in a way that means that both parties feel cherished, significant, respected and love.

These are simply the foundations for a relationship that you truly deserve and it is something that you can create right now!

This is something that I have created in my own marriage, my clients have done it and so can YOU!

In addition to serving my amazing clients, I have a number of different interests including playing cricket, golf, personal development, trance music and most of all, spending time with my beautiful family which includes my wife Divya, daughter Arnika and my two fur babies Archie and Charlie.  

About Sri 

I truly believe that when a marriage is going beautifully well, nothing can compare to it when it comes to happiness. Equally, when a marriage isn’t going well, it’s the greatest pain one can feel.  
My sole mission is to help women on the receiving end of infidelity truly heal from within and then in the process, create an extraordinary marriage with their husband (or potentially someone else if the marriage is not right for them). That is, release the trauma and the negative pain associated with the experience and then ultimately empower them to make the best decisions for their marriage.  

I also have noticed in my time working with clients that, so many marriages fall apart because of the differences in communication styles. In particular, the difference between Masculine and Feminine approaches. You see, we weren’t educated on how to build successful relationships and marriages. All we did was model those who we surrounded ourselves with from a young age - unfortunately many of those individuals didn’t know how to have wonderful relationships themselves.  

However, When my clients begin to recognise these differences, then what happens is that they are able to create an extraordinary connection with their husband because they understand them at the deepest level. What comes from this is a marriage they could never have dreamt of!  

My Mission


I am here to be your guiding light on this journey. To help you to heal, transform, motivate, inspire and direct you to help save your marriage.  

Whether you’re on the receiving end of infidelity, going through a separation, unsure about whether this marriage will work or if you are just wanting to reclaim your sense of self, I’m here to help you become the very best version of yourself, even if you think there’s no hope. I believe in you and I promise that healing is within your reach.  Let's get started.

Much love,

How I Can Help You

You can save your marriage and heal from within. Let me show you how.