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Sri is an amazing coach! stumbled upon his FB page one night while I was at the height of a very distressing personal crisis. Even though it was completely out of character for me to reach out for help, I decided to book a call with him and then many more over the course of several months. I tend to internalize so much, and he helped me sort through issues and emotions (some I didn’t even know I had) with incredible patience, compassion, and wisdom. I especially appreciate that he is there to celebrate even the smallest breakthrough or give me a virtual smack on the head when I slip back into old patterns. It’s a constant journey, but I know for certain I could have never made this kind of progress in self awareness on my own and will always be grateful for Sri’s direction and support.



I have worked with Sri for almost a year now. He has a gift of always knowing the right things to say and make you think about. He seems to know what exercises and what resources will be the best to help thru a difficult situation. I like working with him because he is real and genuine but also calls you on your BS when needed. He has talked me off the proverbial ledge a time or two and always seems to get my feelings of anxiety to settle. I have faced things I had been avoiding and stopped procrastinating because Sri held me accountable. I highly recommend him to help save a relationship or to help move on from a relationship that no longer serves a purpose.



I highly recommend Sri. I was in a terrible spot when I came across his page on FB. He really helped me find my self worth and develop boundaries in many ways. He helped me see how many obstacles I had already overcome and the person that has made me. If you have the opportunity to work with Sri do it! You won’t regret a single minute!

You can save your marriage and heal from within. Let me show you how.