The Authentic Relationship System 

You can save your marriage and heal from within.
 Let me show you how. 

I know you are dealing with the most intense pain right now. But I want you to know one thing - you’re not alone. You see, I don’t believe in bandaid fixes…I believe in true long term healing - both within your marriage and yourself…And that’s what you’ll get when you embark on the journey with me through my program the Authentic Relationship System. 

In the program, you will learn - step by step - exactly how to create the shift that you’re looking for in your marriage…but most importantly, yourself! You will be able to reclaim yourself and discover who you are again.

You will be able to heal those wounds from infidelity so that you can experience true self love…but not just here and there…but where it will become a truly sustainable experience…

And you want to know the really cool thing? When you do that, that’s where the magic happens in the marriage. 
Your changes will result in what I call ‘Good Friction’. He will notice those changes and start being drawn to you in a really positive way. Midlife crises, emotional unavailability, fear and abandonment will be a thing of the past!

What to Expect...

Have you had to deal with infidelity - either recently or in the past with your husband and wanting to save your marriage?

Have you recently (or for a while) separated from your husband and feel huge amounts of sadness about not being with the man you love as well as hurting that you may not grow old together?
Are you struggling to heal from the devastation of separation and battling with feelings of rejection? Are you possibly worried about having to share your children with another woman? Maybe you have a huge fear of being alone?
All of these are extremely normal to feel but I want you to know that you absolutely can create the shifts you want and save your marriage. 

The thing to remember is that you can make these changes yourself and save your marriage alone, without your husband's involvement! I will show you exactly how in my program - the Authentic Relationship System.  

Who is this for?

In order to help you save your marriage and create the healing you desire, I will provide you all the support you need on your journey. This includes lifetime access to weekly group coaching calls, the world’s best online marriage intensive curriculum and then 6 months of 1:1 support with me.  

You are literally covered in every way possible to guarantee your success. The only thing you need to do is take that first step and book a call with me. I know that taking this type of action can be scary but I promise you it will be worth your while.  

How the services work.

How Loree Saved Her Marriage and Got Her Husband To Move Back In With Her

Discover How Angi Was Able To Save Her Marriage And Heal Herself After Infidelity!

Client Reviews



I highly recommend Sri. I was in a terrible spot when I came across his page on FB. He really helped me find my self worth and develop boundaries in many ways. He helped me see how many obstacles I had already overcome and the person that has made me. If you have the opportunity to work with Sri do it! You won’t regret a single minute!



I have worked with Sri for almost a year now. He has a gift of always knowing the right things to say and make you think about. He seems to know what exercises and what resources will be the best to help thru a difficult situation. I like working with him because he is real and genuine but also calls you on your BS when needed. He has talked me off the proverbial ledge a time or two and always seems to get my feelings of anxiety to settle. I have faced things I had been avoiding and stopped procrastinating because Sri held me accountable. I highly recommend him to help save a relationship or to help move on from a relationship that no longer serves a purpose.